Roof Repair

Removing 3-tab shingles using a flat bar to do a repair

25 thoughts on “Roof Repair

  1. You’re very good at explaining the uses of the tools and the whole process
    as well. You also make it look so easy. Great job!

  2. The 3 tab shingle isn’t really going to last any longer than 15 years. Like
    with this roof the abs of the shingles aren’t sealed anymore that means its
    time to remove all of them and install a new roof. I recommend using a
    solid slab shingle. You will get a better seal and a better look. The hook
    blade knife he showed us is used for face cutting like he said and this
    would occur when cutting shingles in around extrusions coming through the
    roof such as, pipes, vents and skylights anything that is using a metal or
    plastic flange. Tearing the whole roof off would be done differently than
    the way he illustrated…

  3. I’m glad that this is helping so many people, I still do a lot of roof
    repairs just be safe and if it makes you nervous getting up on your roof,
    you should call someone that has a good history of repairing or replacing. 

  4. Thanks for a great “how to” video. Roofing is very dangerous work. I know
    of two men who fell off the roof while trying to do their own repairs. One
    shattered his elbow and the other suffered permanent brain damage. I’m not
    trying to scare anyone. I’m just trying to point out the hazards.
    Personally, I think it is better to hire a professional than to get up on
    the roof yourself. Just consider it an expense. Don’t risk your health.

  5. I watched about 6 such videos here, but I learned the most from this one,
    so THANKS!
    I assume you don’t put the nails back into the same holes.. ?

  6. Can you explain or show how to repair the row of shingles right below the
    ridge cap? I have some shingles blown off in a storm right below the ridge
    cap. How do you safely remove them and re install the shingles? Thanks.

  7. Thank you for this video? i did replace a few shingles on my house roof. I
    didn’t know anything untill i saw your video, THANK YOU !

  8. Great Video – I liked your presentation, explaining SO well and making it
    all SO easy to understand… but I wish you could RE-upload this video in a
    HIGH Resolution. Watching this video on my TV in Low Resolution is hard on
    the eyes :)

  9. Thanks. using your info, I was able to make a significant repair. Saved me
    some buckaroos. thanks!

  10. Very good video Gary. Enjoyed it very much. You really gave good
    explanations of everything. Thanks again. Hope to see more videos. 

  11. Great job Gary – this video is very helpful.
    Very thoughtful, logical, and detailed, and with great demeanor!
    Very much appreciated !!!!

  12. After a long days work, I discovered a leaky roof. This resulted in me
    searching youtube for various videos for a DIY repair. Though this video
    didn’t provide me with all the knowledge I needed for the repair, it was
    quite informative. Thank you for posting this video I thank you for my
    newly acquired knowledge. 

  13. Outstanding video. Nicely paced, covering all the basics for the first-time
    roof repairer like myself, such as tools required, shingle removal
    sequence, and number of nails and the position of the nails. Gives the
    viewer degrees of confidence towards the task at hand. Thanks, Gary. 

  14. Thanks Gary! I followed your tips and purchased the tools that you
    recommended. I did a decent job considering it was my first time changing

  15. Great video. You’ve just saved me hundreds. Two thumbs up to you for
    sharing your knowledge for the love for helping.

  16. Great video. Showing how to repair or remove shingles from the roof.
    Helpful to make it easy for the laymen to perform the task.

  17. Way to go Gary…three tabs can be finicky and break easily especially in
    cold weather. The repair went well and should hold up until a full roof
    replacement and rip-off will need to be done. nice video..thanks

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